1. Ime

    Me gusta tu evaluación.
    Me gustaría tu opinión sobre Kyani, me han invitado a ese multi nivel.

  2. Matt's Mom

    I have always found that there are so many healthy products right now in the market, seems flooded, that it would be hard to be successful at a particular product such as Zurvita. I guess you could be one of the very few that does very well with it, and can earn a decent living. I also don’t like the upfront cost for it…to push their products. But I know that I would be in the majority that would not do well.

    • Ibhar

      yes, the products are very similar to others out there and very expensive, it seems like zurvita has a good balance between selling and promoting their opportunity but for the same reason as always in all MLMs, expensive products, people can not earn a decent income, and they have only one chance, recruiting.

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